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Concentration Camps For Americans
Hundreds secret prison camps have been set-up right here in the U.S. and are waiting to be filled! 
Who are they really for and why is the government keeping them secret?

9/11 Truth
Mmassive evidence linking high-level secret intelligence to the events of September 11th, 2001.
A catalyst for the incremental implementation of draconian measures across the west and an illegal invasion into the Middle-East for mega-corporate war profits from multi-national defense contractors.
Including a free-fall collapse of a 3rd tower that was never hit by a plane and evidence of controlled demolition of the 3 demolished World Trade Center towers is not just apparent, but admitted by several insiders! 


Fake News & Propaganda
Most of the US mainstream media is owned and controlled by world-wide corporations.
You only see and hear what the globes "ruling class" want you to know! 

Global Warming Hoax
Are humans really responsible for environmental fluctuations?  The globalist plan for gaining further control over the people is driving this fraud!

Gun Rights
Defenseless citizens are more easily controlled and subservient. 
Your 2nd amendment right to self defense is under attack by global the U.S. government war machine. 

Money Cartels
Americans are being deceived by the money cartels that rule them.
The IRS:
Have you ever seen the law that requires Americans to pay an income tax on earned wages?  You probably haven't seen it because no one else has seen it either!  Why do we pay taxes back to the very same private interests that print our money?
The Fed:
The "Federal Reserve" is a privately owned entity.  Owned by the globes most powerful bankers.  The US government is bought and paid for by the "money masters" that own them!

Get Active
What you can do to fight for truth and expose the
New World Order. 
Get the truth-Out!
Save Our Freedom!

Open Borders
The New World Order needs a mass influx of illegal immigrants to flood into the USA to break down the economy and damage the middle class to drive American's under further control into massive debt, and
into submission!

Failing Drug War
How the war against drugs is increasing crime, making dealers, rich, and costing American taxpayers billions!

Truth Movement
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CRISIS SURVIVAL - Prepare for Whatever Happens!
Rules of Survival.

Top 5 Things to Hoard for an Emergency:
No-Cook Foods: Keep canned-goods ready, especially high-protien items such as tuna fish, beans as well as packaged items like granola bars and dried fruit.

Water: The more water the better.  Keep at least 1 gallon per person, per day available.  Rotate old stored water as you obtain newer, fresher water.

Light Sources: Solar, crank, and no-battery lights are best but have plenty of spare batteries and standard flashlights if those are not available.

: Whether for cooking, driving or heating, a backup supply of fuel sources is a must, especially if you have a power generator.  Keep some wood available in case you need to start a fire to keep warm or cook.

Weapons:  Guns, ammo, baseball bats, machete's, the more the better in case you need to defend against looters, robbers, foreign troops, darth vadar?

Having clean drinking water is the absolute first essential item that every person needs if you hope to survive a disaster.  You can last longer without food than you can last without water, therefore we list water first.

Besides having plenty of clean drinking water in storage containers, we also recommend a gravity water filtration system and/or an alternative filtration device.  Some amazing new filter systems of become available, in the past few decades, lifestraw-water-stickallowing portable and remote water filtration.  For example, the lifestraw water filer stick allows This clever design purifies water from potential pathogens, before they reach your lips.

Read more: 6 Water-purifying Devices for Clean Drinking Water in the Developing World leadwater – Inhabitat - Sustainable Design Innovation, Eco Architecture, Green Building 
Nuclear Disaster, Nuke Attack, Radioactive Fallout, or Nuclear Meltdown
nuke-falloutWhen a nuclear disaster strikes you will need to keep yourself and your family from getting radiation sickness.  Dodes of high level radiation will make you very sick or even KILL YOU!
In this lesson we’ll look at how nuclear radiation can harm us.

Usualy you only get large doses of radiation in an accident or nuclear explosion. Huge doses can kill many cells that you die quickly.  If the radiation itself doesn’t kill you it can still make you very ill. You can catch infections more easily and these can then lead to death.  nuclear plant

A large dose is the most dangerous if it’s spread over your whole body because it damages so many cells.  You wouldn’t likely notice a small dose but it will increase your risk of getting cancer in later life.  Radiation is most damaging to cells that are dividing rapidly (such as gums, hair follicles etc). This is why it kills cancer cells but also makes your hair fall out. 

Radiation harms us because it transfers its energy to our cells, damaging them. The particles are not ‘poisonous’ but are damaging.  Gamma radiation disappears after we absorb it. It’s energy remains and this can cause electrons in our cells to move quickly.   Nuclear radiation is so dangerous because it can damage the most sensitive parts of cells deep within your body.  Proteins are the actors that do the things the body needs to keep us alive. Enzymes, hormones and antibodies are all examples of these proteins.  If the DNA is damaged then we can’t make the proteins we need and we get sick.  Different parts of your DNA tell cells when to divide, when not to divide and/or to commit suicide if the DNA is damaged too much. fallout

In the unfortunate event that you are near one of these events then there are some things you can do to reduce your risk.

The first thing to remember is that radiation does not travel far but radioactive dust does travel far. So keep indoors away from the dust. gamma rays are stopped to some extent by brick and earth. So stay in the cellar if you have one

Have enough food and water in your home (shelter) to stay alive for at least several days.  Try to keep a strong tape (duct tape) to seal doors and windows in cases when a major disaster strikes.  Also, wear long sleeve, long-pants, clothing with head/face protection if possible.  Have biohazard suits available, if possible.   Discard any clothing, outside of your shelter, that may have become contaminated. 

The next thing is that the most radioactive substances are around for the shortestiodide-pills period of time.  Waiting several days before leaving your house will allow these to stop being radioactive. 

A nuclear accident or explosion may produce lots of radioactive iodine which can contaminate your food and so enter your body.  Iodine accumulates in your thyroid gland, which can give you thyroid cancer.  You can ‘fill up’ your thyroid gland with non-radioactive iodine by taking potassium iodide pills.  This will stop your thyroid taking up radioactive iodine because it has already absorbed as much as it can.

Civil Unrest, Martial Law, Riots, Uprisings, Revolutions, Crowd Mob Survival
If you suddenly find yourself amidst a violent mob or mass looting, don't just stick-around.  Get to theriot-cap-insert nearest safe shelter, vehicle, getaway vessil and get lost.  If you find that you must be amongst the angst and chaos then a heavy leather jacket or other tough material is best protection against flying projectiles, rubber bullets, etc.  A polyethylene baseball cap insert, like the Vulcan Bump Cap turns your lucky Cubs hat into a discreet helmet.

. .

The Top Five Things That Happen In a Nuclear Power Plant Meltdown

Chernobyl Accident 1986 - World Nuclear Association
Nuclear Leaks - Disaster Management

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